• We cannot ship more than $100 (USD) in minor parts and accessories for firearms to any country (except Canada) without an export license.
  • We cannot ship more than $500 (USD) in minor parts and accessories for firearms to Canada without an export license.
  • Above dollar limits for export are for merchandise only.  Shipping charges are not included.
  • All approved international orders are final.  We cannot accept returns or refunds on products that were shipped internationally.
  • If your merchandise exceeds the above amounts, we will need an approved US export license for your order. 


If you are trying to order from outside of the US, or with an International billing or shipping address, our website won't let you order.  The export process is too expensive and time consuming for individual consumer orders.  You may email with the name of a large dealer in your country that already imports products from the USA and we can contact them to see if they'd like to carry our line.  You may also have your dealer contact us to get the export process started.

As a manufacturer of parts and accessories for use in firearms, Henning’s Shop LLC is a registered exporter with the U.S. State Department. All of our products are subject to U.S. ITAR regulations.   We fully comply with the shipping requirements and documentation requirements of ITAR and US Customs. All shipping documents will declare the actual contents of your shipment as "parts and accessories for pistols".  They will be declared at the actual amount you have paid for the items you ordered. We will not declare items in your order in any other way or misrepresent their value.  

Henning’s Shop LLC reserved the right to cancel any order if the order does not meet ITAR regulations or the party placing this order is determined to be ineligible to receive shipments from the United States or it appears that the buyer is attempting to circumvent the law.   

It is also a violation of the law to have your order shipped to a US address and then take the products out of the country with you without a required export license.