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Henning Group's SIG SAUER P320 Magazine Extension kit - Plus 6 in 9mm / 40 S&W
Item: H-KM07 
Manufacturer: Henning
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Product Review
Reviewed By: Shawn B.
Review Date: 1/14/2020
These mag extensions are amazing. I carry a p320 for work, and I recently converted mine to a 357 Sig, which has a standard 14 round magazine. There are 18 round magazines made by Sig, but good luck getting your hands on one. This kit turns your 14 round .40/.357 sig mag into a 20 round magazine and it looks great. The mag itself is a bit heavier, but no feed issues and DAMN that black mag extension looks awesome. If you own a p320, don't waste your time with those stock base magazine plates... get you's a set of these bad dawgs!
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