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Henning Group T-1000 Holster Hanger
Item: T1000 
Manufacturer: Henning
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Product Review
Reviewed By: Dan
Review Date: 7/22/2022
Let me start with... I'm a senior USPSA competitor, and flexible as a 4 x 4. It just arrived in the mail this morning so of course I had to get to it. The first thing that I like is the adjustability. I never really liked how my DOH would toe in meaning the butt of the gun was angled away from my body. Once I set it up and altered the position on my belt, adjusted the toe, caster and camber I was surprised how much more fluid my draws are. The other thing that surprised me was that I could actually sit down comfortably and that I could bend over to pick stuff up w/o getting jabbed. Huge improvement for me...remember I'm not all that flexible. Can't wait to put it into action.
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