Tanfoglio "STOCK 2" Upgrade Kit

Tanfoglio "STOCK 2" Upgrade Kit
Item: H-KT106  Ample Stock
  Manufacturer: Henning
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Add Accessories: Contour Grip - Medium
Recoil Spring
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This kit is a great way to make your Tanfoglio (EAA Witness) STOCK 2 pistol more reliable and enjoyable to shoot. It comes :

H081-38   Conefit guide rod - protects the frame from battering.
H051-TL   XL Firing Pin - ensures safe primer ignition.
W15114    Wolff 14lb hammer spring - reduced trigger pull weight
H037-18    #18 Lightened trigger plunger spring - reduces trigger pull weight
H101F-TL   Fiber Optic Front Sight - better sight picture

In addition to this kit, we recommend our checkered grips and/or a recoil spring of your choice to tune it to your load.
  • Manufacturer: Henning
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