Oversized hammer pin .1470" for Tanfoglio

Oversized hammer pin .1470" for Tanfoglio
Item: H042  Ample Stock
  Manufacturer: Colorado Screw Machine
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Henning oversized hammer pin for Tanfoglio.

Made from 416 stainless steel and heat treated to RC 40.

This pin is .003"+ larger diameter than the factory hammer pin. 

Factory hammer pin is "loose" in the frame and factory hammer, causing the hammer to wobble and give inconsistent trigger pull. Our hammer pin needs to be fitted to either the factory hammer and frame, or better yet, installed with the EGW prepped hammer and sear. We also offer this as a kit (HPK - Hammer Pin Kit). Installation may require the reamer provided in the kit, or the diameter can be turned down by a gunsmith to fit existing hammer/frame without modifying the hammer or frame. 
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