Henning Group PRO Series Base Pad for Mec-Gar CZ-75B

Henning PRO Production base pad for Mec-Gar CZ-75B 17 Round Magazines and CZ Shadow 2. For USPSA/IPSC competition.
Item: H500-MC17    Manufacturer: Henning
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IPSC / USPSA Production base pad specifically made for the CZ-75B 17 round magazines. The pad has an overall height of .500" and adds about .340" to the magazine tube length. It is a great pad for USPSA/IPSC Production division and fits the USPSA Production box for either CZ Shadow II or CZ SP-01 Shadow with either factory sights, Henning rear sights or CZ Custom fixed sights.

Our design is unique in that it has "no lip" in the front, allowing you to easily grabbing the entire magazine and using your index along the entire length of the magazine without having any annoying base pad lip sticking out. The front has the same angle as the magazines which gives you a perfect "grab" on the magazine during reloads. It is the most ergonomically shaped basepad on the market. The bottom of the magazine is very aggressively checkered which gives you a very secure way of seating the magazine. You'll feel it, we guarantee it ;-).

This base pad has been made to ensure your magazine DOES NOT over-insert in your CZ Shadow 2 / SP-01 Shadow. It is made to seat perfectly in your CZ Shadow 2 / CZ SP-01 Shadow as well as the Sphinx SDP Line(Mec-Gar 10 rd, 13rd and 17 rd mags.)

What else is there to say? This is the competitive advantage in a slick package. Available in Black, red, blue, silver, green, purple, gold and orange.

Locking Plate Options
If you need a round locking plate, please choose YES. There are no additional price per base pad, but you will not get a volume discount for quantities over 6. It also includes two screws if you want to limit the magazine capacity:
  • 1.125" screw limits capacity to 10 + 1 rounds
  • 0.500" screw limits capacity to 15 + 1 rounds
Limiting magazine capacity can be useful for states with 10 or 15 round magazine limit restrictions. For competition shooters, USPSA Production has a 10 round magazine limit and IPSC Production has a 15 round magazine limit. This makes it easy for you to load your magazine to full without having to count the rounds.

Released on August 2018.
  • Manufacturer: Henning
  • Shipping Weight: 0 lbs
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Recent Reviews Rating: Reviewed By: Andrew Review Date: 12/6/2021 Comments: I consider these the standard. I now own 12 of these, and they have stood up to significant abuse. I use them with my shadow 2 in USPSA production. Not really sure what else to say about them, because I've had zero issues after 2 years.
Rating: Reviewed By: Val Review Date: 9/22/2021 Comments: I've been using these pads since 2019 on my Shadow 2 for USPSA matches. Still going strong....I love the mileage on them. Much Mahalos Jason!
Rating: Reviewed By: Bob F. Review Date: 4/2/2021 Comments: Awesome product! Heavy, great attention to detail, fit and finish is perfect. Highly recommend.
Rating: Reviewed By: JK Review Date: 4/23/2019 Comments: I run these in my Shadow 2 for USPSA production. No over insertion, perfect mag fit, great grip and feel when reloading and have they've withstood numerous drops to concrete during indoor matches. I'm rotating my current mags to practice and just ord...
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Rating: Reviewed By: M.S. Review Date: 11/6/2018 Comments: An excellent product. They look awesome and function even better. I upgraded from 385-TS base pads, those were great but these are absolutely perfect for me. Got different colors so i dont have to figure out or try to remember what (numbered) mag was sti...
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