Henning Fixed Target Rear Sight for CZ Shadow & Dan Wesson DWX

Henning Fixed Target Rear Sight for CZ Shadow & Dan Wesson DWX
Item: H104T-CZ    Manufacturer: Henning
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Competition Black, Fixed Rear Sight for CZ SP-01 Shadow, Shadow 2 and Dan Wesson DWX.

This is a fixed rear sight which typically pairs well with a Dawson .170" tall fiber front. Dawson offers a .090" wide front and a .100" wide front. 

Our sights features a beveled blade (commonly referred to as "dog ears"). The blade has a 40 LPI serration and the sight attaches using 2 set screws.

We offer the sights in 3 different rear notch widths:

.100" wide
.110" wide
.120" wide

This allows for a variety of combinations depending on which front you prefer, for example:

.090" front with .100" rear (tight and good for accuracy)
.090" front with .110" rear (very commonly used in USPSA)
.090" front with .120" rear (very open - lots of light)
.100" front with .100" rear (very tight, very little light)
.100" front with .110" rear (I've used this combo and like it)
.100" front with .120" rear (an alternative to the .090 / .110" combo if you want a slightly wider front)

We currently don't offer the Dawson fronts, but we will be adding them to our selection shortly so you can get both at the same time.

It is of course possible with fixed sights that you may want a slightly lower or taller front to perfectly adjust your elevation POI. Dawson also offers the .090/.110 in a higher and lower. Here are Dawson's SKU's so you can get them from them (for now);

Lower front to correct for too LOW impact:
.095" Wide x .165" Tall  =  019-086
.110" Wide x .165" Tall  =  050-740

.090" Wide x .170" Tall  =  019-149
.100" Wide x .170" Tall  =  019-179
.125" Wide x .170" Tall  =  050-060

Higher front to correct for too HIGH impact:
.090" Wide x .175" Tall  =  050-446
.100" Wide x .175" Tall  =  019-130

  • Manufacturer: Henning
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