Henning Group PRO Series Base Pad for Canik TP9 / Rival

Henning PRO Production base pad for Canik TP9 / Rival. For USPSA/IPSC competition.
Item: H500-CANIK    Manufacturer: Henning
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IPSC / USPSA Production base pad for Canik magazines. The pad has an overall height of .500" and adds about .340" to the magazine tube length. It is a great pad for USPSA/IPSC Production division and fits the USPSA Production box.

Our design is unique in that it has "no lip" in the front, allowing you to easily grabbing the entire magazine and using your index along the entire length of the magazine without having any annoying base pad lip sticking out. The front has the same angle as the magazines which gives you a perfect "grab" on the magazine during reloads. It is the most ergonomically shaped basepad on the market. The bottom of the magazine is very aggressively checkered which gives you a very secure way of seating the magazine. You'll feel it, we guarantee it ;-).

What else is there to say? This is the competitive advantage in a slick package. Available in Black, red, blue, silver, green, purple, gold and orange.

Comes with a new aluminum locking plate. It also includes two screws if you want to limit the magazine capacity:
  • 1.125" screw limits capacity to 10 + 1 rounds
  • 0.500" screw limits capacity to 15 + 1 rounds
Limiting magazine capacity can be useful for states with 10 or 15 round magazine limit restrictions. For competition shooters, USPSA Production has a 10 round magazine limit and IPSC Production has a 15 round magazine limit. This makes it easy for you to load your magazine to full without having to count the rounds.
  • Manufacturer: Henning
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