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Henning Group's contoured, checkered grips for the Tanfoglio / EAA Witness pistols.
Item: H023-TL 
Manufacturer: Henning
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Product Review
Reviewed By: Michael Z.
Review Date: 12/29/2017
I made an appointment and stopped by the Henning Group shop today, I have a EAA Tanfoglio 10 MM Witness in wonder finish and a CZ SP01 9 MM, I put the Red grips on my EAA and the blue ones on my CZ, "THEY LOOK AWESOME" completely changes the look of the guns. These grips are well designed and fit and finish were spot on. Then I finished them off with matching magazine end caps. I was very impressed with the entire operation, Mr. Henning and staff were extremely knowledgeable and helped me install everything while I was in his store. I highly recommend these grips, you wont be disappointed. Thanks Mike
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