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Flat Trigger System for Tanfoglio Single Action Pistols
Item: H033-T 
Manufacturer: Henning
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Product Review
Reviewed By: David K.
Review Date: 8/10/2021
GET IT. I ran the stock limited trigger with what I thought was a decent trigger with some polishing and reset leg work. Wow, this thing is a game changer the short length allows me to shift my grip a bit now and makes a huge difference on how the gun feels in the hand. The trigger is fairly adjustable and easy to setup, this offers more, finer adjustment over the Limited Custom trigger set screws and eliminated most slop and side to play. My setup is an IFG Tanfoglio Limited Master with Henning Short trigger kit, Xtreme sear with only the reset leg worked over, Limited Custom SAO hammer, 14lb Hammer spring and reduced power sear spring. Pulling 2lb 4oz, with Henning Xtra power reset spring.less with the standard but i like the feel of the stiffer reset. Will be buying a few more for all my tanfos when I get around to them.
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