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Recoil spring for Tanfoglio (EAA Witness) pistols.
Item: W498 
Manufacturer: Wolff Gunsprings
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Product Review
Reviewed By: Bren Ten
Review Date: 2/18/2020
I upgraded my 4.5-inch standard-length slide 10-mm Tanfoglio Witness's 14-lb recoil spring to the Wolff 16-lb Tanfoglio long-slide recoil spring. Total spring force with the Wolff long-slide 16-lb recoil spring matched with the Henning Group 2-mm brass shock buffer in my 4.5-inch standard-length slide, large-frame Witness is 18.5 lbs. This recoil spring-rate is ideal for 180-grains 1164-f/s up to 1250-f/s 10-mm ammo loads. I run the full Norma loads (200-220 grains, 1200-1250 f/s) only in my SIG P220 Elite, as that pistol is a much beefier design, in spite of the Tanfoglio weighing the same as my SIG P220 Elite (with empty magazines). I would say that the Wolff 18-lb and 20-lb recoil springs would be suited to the 10-mm full Norma loads in the Tanfoglio, but racking the slide will be much harder, due to the Tanfoglio's (CZ's) slide-in-frame design especially with larger-handed shooters, or shooters with dainty hands and weaker grip strength. For CZ/Tanfoglio pistols stick with the 180-grains 10-mm loads matched with the Woff 16-lb recoil spring for a superb balance between performance and usability.
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