Henning Group SAFE CHECK USPSA Gauge

Henning Group SAFE CHECK USPSA Magazine Gauge
Item: H925    Manufacturer: Henning
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Henning Group is proud to introduce our new line of gauges for USPSA competitions. In USPSA your magazines are required to fit the official 141.25mm gauge for Limited, Limited Optics and Carry Optics divisions. For Open divisions all magazines must fit in the 171.25mm gauge.

We currently offer a new SAFE CHECK gauge which allows you to check all of your magazines to fit SAFELY within the official measurements. Our SAFE CHECK gauge is approximately .010" smaller than the maximum measurement of either 141.25mm or 171.25mm respectively. This is the gauge we recommend you use for all of your magazines with extensions. 

Our gauge comes with a side guard to ensure your magazine is perfectly parallel with the gauge. This guarantees you are reading the magazine correctly in the gauge.

Why check them? Well, some magazines are slightly different, and so can be the case with extensions. When pushing the limit in our sport to achieve maximum magazine capacity within your division, it is important to take the responsible approach and check all of your magazines before going to a major competition. 

What if the magazine does not fit? Well, our SAFE CHECK gauge is about .010" so you could be okay in the official gauge. However, not all official gauges are made the same either and we've found some of them measuring .007" smaller than the 141.25mm measurement.

What if it fits my SAFE CHECK gauge, but not the official USPSA gauge? Well, this is a pickle. Technically the rules say that the maximum rules 140.00mm with 1.25mm as tolerance. Now, that is a massive tolerance in today's CNC world. If it was me, I would bring the official gauge into questioning. And you can actually check our gauge by using a caliper. I prefer a digital caliper as it is much easier to read. Watch the video for how to check your SAFE CHECK gauge. Know that calipers are not a 100% way to get an exact measurement, but it will give you some confidence in that the gauge is made right for your purpose.

What else is the 141.25mm gauge good for? Well, we've made it into a multi-tool. In addition to checking your magazine length, we have three other measurements built in that you can use. On the back of the gauge you will find 3 measurements which are for:

1.625" Max width of a single stack pistol
2.125" Max gear / gun distance to inner belt for Production, Carry Optics, Single Stack divisions
3.375" Max gear / gun distance to inner belt for Open, Limited, Limited Optics divisions

This is a tool you should keep with you in your shooting bag for your own and your shooting friend's use.

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