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Blue Line Brand

Blue Line Brand - Henning Group Blue Line:  Over-engineered for a lifetime of service.

Designed in collaboration with a current SWAT Operator and US Army Veteran, our Magazine Extensions offer:           

Confident magazine indexing through our patent pending design.
Improved grip support for shooters with larger hands.
Basepad allows for an effortless strip with the knife-edge of the support hand on malfunctions or stuck magazines.
Designed by a door-kicker, for door-kickers.

U.S. Patent 9,772,151

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Blueline Magazine Extension for Glock Item: H-KC Manufacturer: Henning $39.95
Henning Group's Blueline Magazine Extension Kit for Glock - U.S. Patent 9,772,151
Blueline Magazine Extension for S&W M&P Item: H134-MS Manufacturer: Henning $34.95
Blueline Magazine Extension +3 Smith & Wesson M&P 9/40 U.S. Patent 9,772,151
Henning Group Gift Card Item: HG-GIFTCARD Manufacturer: Henning $50.00
Henning Group Gift Card
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