Henning Group T-900 SPEED MAGNET-Pouch

Henning Group T-900 Adjustable Speed MAG-Pouch
Item: T-900    Manufacturer: Henning
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Henning Group T-900 Adjustable Speed MAG-Pouch.

This product combines our Speed MAG-Pouch with the newest caster/toe adjustable magazine pouch hanger!

The fastest, most exciting new magazine pouch on the market. Utilizing two 15/20lb magnets, this innovative new magazine pouch gives you full access to your magazine for lightning-fast reloads! The side-walls protects the magazine from side-bumps and the magazine sits very securely in the pouch, yet is accessible for a direct pull-out grab. You will experience a freedom you only dreamt of! You have a well of adjustability in this pouch. With the 30 degree rotational cylinder, you can adjust distance to your body as well as rotational angle for optimal ergometric setup.

The hanger is offered in BLACK, RED, SILVER and BLUE while the Speed MAG that holds the magazine comes in DARK FATE (aka BLACK in pre-apocalyptic language].

We offer belt attachment for either 1.50" or 1.75" belt width. Make sure to measure your belt to know which size you have.

We offer a limited CUSTOM COLOR schemes: 
EQUILIBRIUM - hanger is silver, pouch is custom EQUILIBRIUM black/blue/silver 
GALAXY - hanger is black, pouch is custom GALAXY (only for CZ 75 / Beretta 92 / Canik)
FULL REIGN OF FIRE - all 4 parts are in the custom REIGN OF FIRE - This is the Ultimate show off piece. 

Magpouches available for:
01XL - 1911 Single Stack magazines (.375" tall side walls and 3 magnets)
02 - CZ 75, Canik, Beretta 92, Tanfoglio Small Frame
03 - CZ Tactical Sport, Smith & Wesson M&P, H&K VP9-P30
04 - CZ P10, Sig Sauer P320, Tanfoglio Large Frame
05 - 2011 Double Stack magazines with 2 magnets
05XL - 2011 Double Stack mags - (.375" tall side walls and 3 magnets). Also okay for 03/04 who wants a stronger hold and 170mm mags.
06 - Glock 17 Size Magazines for MBX Steel Magazines (Not for Plastic Glock magazines!!)

  • Manufacturer: Henning
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Recent Reviews Rating: Reviewed By: Conor C. Review Date: 2/28/2024 Comments: I bought the 2011 Mag-pouch hoping it would work for my MBX Para magazines. After opening my package, I was first impressed with the quality of the product and after dry firing, I was even more impressed with the function of the mag-pouch. Another great p...
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Rating: Reviewed By: Jake G. Review Date: 12/26/2023 Comments: Typical Henning Fashion. Perfect. This little mag holder is a must have cheat code! The Magnets are Very strong, I’ve even used a Glock plastic body on mine and had no issues.
Rating: Reviewed By: Frank P S. Review Date: 7/4/2023 Comments: Awesome mag pouches and hangers. Bullets out or bullets forward, no longer an either or choice. These hangers allow you to set up your pouches in almost any position that works best for you! Letting your support hand go naturally to the 1st mag thoug...
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