Flat Trigger System for Tanfoglio

Flat Trigger System for Tanfoglio Single Action Pistols
Item: H033-T    Manufacturer: Henning
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Henning's Tanfoglio Single Action Flat Trigger System compatible with Factory Roll Pin (starts at $109.95)
The System comes complete with steel trigger lever, #17 trigger return spring (H033-17), #18 lightened trigger plunger spring (H037-18), pre-travel screw, and over-travel screw. The pre- and over-travel adjustments are highly improved over the factory trigger.  By replacing the factory trigger plunger spring with our #18 lightened trigger plunger spring, you will reduce the pressure from the trigger plunger onto the trigger bar. The factory roll pin (not included) is made to compress with a nipple punch then expand again to fit the .100" trigger pin hole in the frame.  The Henning Trigger pin hole measure .102" which gives you a precise trigger fit with your factory roll pin.  

The idea of developing a Precision Machined, straight surface trigger has been a long time coming and was introduced by Henning in 2009. The need for a better single action trigger exist within most Tanfoglio enthusiasts. Is it absolutely necessary to replace the factory trigger? It is not, but we have come to realize there are several issues that we want to eliminate in our guns. What makes this new trigger so much better ? 

1) Precise Fit to Frame
If you inspect how the factory trigger fits in the frame you'll see how much sideways wobble there is. You may not think this is all that important, but how would you feel if I told you it was partially the reason why I ended up with a bullet hole in my foot ten years ago? The frame is equipped with a "trigger guard" which main purpose is to protect the trigger from accidentally being pushed. Well, if the trigger is allowed to move outside the width of the trigger guard, it is exposed which is not a good thing from a safety perspective. Secondly, sideways wobble and slop prevents a precise trigger movement. The new Henning trigger is designed with a "boss" width of .335" which will allow for a tight fit inside the frame. The actual width of the lever that you pull with your finger is .250". 

2) New Trigger Spring System
The factory trigger uses a two legged coil spring which can be very difficult to re-assemble. I always use a slave pin with the factory trigger spring on assembly. But it doesn't always work and it is still difficult to re-install the trigger if it has been taken out of the frame. So, this was one of the key issues I wanted to address when designing it. The Henning trigger uses a short, coiled spring similar to the Tanfoglio extractor spring. Instead of having a spring held in place by the trigger pin, it is now held in place by a spring pocket. This allows you to easily put the trigger back into the gun while pushing the trigger pin through the frame and locking the trigger in place. 

3) Consistent Pre-Travel Adjustment
With the factory trigger, this is one of the major problems. Because of the set screw's positioning, the pre-travel is very difficult to adjust. We completely re-thought pre-travel adjustment and came up with a solution using a big headed screw that has a large surface to interface with the frame. Since we are working with a pivoting trigger, the pre-travel screw will meet the frame at different angles. Using a large headed screw eliminates this problem completely and we can finally adjust the pre-travel very exact. You need to use red loctite or Vibra-Tite VC3 to keep the pre-travel screw in place and be able to adjust. The last thing you want is for the screw to move. 

4) Straight Trigger Surface
The factory curved single action trigger naturally wants your finger to be positioned at the center of the trigger. Well.. that may or may not be where you want to pull it. Having a straight trigger surface allows your finger the same trigger feel no matter where your fingers meets the trigger.

5) Clean Design and Innovative Design
One of the things Henning wanted to achieve was a modern, no bullshit looking trigger. We are pulling a lever and that's it. So let's make all edges smooth and comfortable. 

6) Re-location of the over-travel adjustment screw
The factory's over-travel screw meets with the frame in a position where the frame is curved. This can cause an inconsistent end-of-travel point. I moved the over-travel into the frame where the screw meets a flat surface. It makes the trigger look clean. There is a lot of attention to detail in this trigger as you will soon discover when you get your own. As usual, we spend a lot of time tinkering before we decide on a design. This trigger is a result of many hours on the drawing board and in the machine shop. We spent a lot of time on this project and you can both see and feel the result.


A:  The solid pin & nut are discontinued at this time.  We found that even while die-hard Tanfoglio fans love and still ask for the Henning Solid Trigger Pin with Nut, too often the trigger pin holes on pistol frames are misaligned.  We have gone back to the factory trigger roll pin which allows for greater variance in the frames. The factory roll pin diameter measures .102 - .103" and is made to compress with a nipple punch then expand again to fit the .100" trigger pin hole in the frame.  If you have our earlier Flat Trigger System, use a #37 drill bit to open up the trigger pin hole in the Henning Trigger to .104" which gives you a precise trigger fit with your factory roll pin.


A: Huening used to make a special rolling trigger plunger head for the trigger plunger bar assembly. It was very nice, but they no longer manufacture this so watch the video for how to polish and clean up the factory parts for optimal smooth trigger feel.

Customer Feedback:
Got the trigger installed today (had to wait for a trigger roll pin from EAA which came today).  I made the pre and post travel adjustments by making a temporary trigger pin from an 8d finish nail.  This made it easy to remove the trigger assembly for pre travel adjustment and final fitting.  After polishing up the trigger plunger and trigger bar and installing your trigger plunger spring, I used my temporary trigger pin as a slave pin to hold the trigger in the frame while driving the roll pin into place and pushing the temporary trigger pin out in front of it.  Worked great. 
Your flat trigger design not only fits better in the frame than the factory version, it also works and feels so much better.  Your videos were a great resource.  Thanks also for the grip screws - they do dress up the otherwise bland grip pannels on my Match model.  -Ron  

Decided to install Henning's flat trigger system. Very fast shipping as always. And another hi quality product. My shooting speed and accuracy improved dramatically. I can feel the trigger better, especially shooting moving targets "double tap". Much better than factory trigger.  -Alex

  • Manufacturer: Henning
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Rating: Reviewed By: James B. Review Date: 4/16/2021 Comments: Finally got around to installing this in my SAR K-12 with some fitting. This trigger spring combo is fantastic!! Take up is minimal, let off is crisp, reset audible and clean. Trigger pull reduced to 3#. Very good work.
Rating: Reviewed By: Michael Z. Review Date: 3/29/2019 Comments: I had this trigger system installed on my Hunter 10mm, there is very little take up with a crisp 2.75 lbs. consistent break. I really like the flat trigger, and I no longer have that spongy feel. I highly recommend this trigger!! Read All Reviews