Wolff Recoil Spring for Tanfoglio

Recoil spring for Tanfoglio (EAA Witness) pistols.
Item: W498    Manufacturer: Wolff Gunsprings
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Wolff Gunsprings is the absolute leader in recoil springs and my first choice when upgrading EAA Witness / Tanfoglios. Recommendations are for long slides and are labeled accordingly, with a bonus firing pin spring inside.  Recoil springs are compatible with standard slides:  using a long slide recoil spring in a standard slide adds 2lbs pressure.  (If you have a Steel/Poly Compact model, these recoil springs will not fit.  Wolff does not yet have a recoil spring for the compact.)

Wolff marks all the springs with 9mm long slide, but they work with all calibers. The spring weight dictates what caliber/type of ammo you’re shooting.  If you’re running a 10mm with a standard length slide, 16lb, 18lb or 20lb is the typical choice.  There’s no need to cut the spring and it’s not meant to.  The Wolff springs have a different length than the factory spring, because the coil diameter (not coil length) regulates the recoil.

For 9mm we suggest 6lb or 8lb recoil spring. (lighter than factory; makes for faster target acquisition)
For 40 S&W we suggest 10lb or 12lb recoil spring
For 45 ACP we suggest 12lb, 14lb or 16lb recoil spring
For 10mm we suggest 16lb, 18lb or 20lb recoil spring

Are you using steel loads and major loads?  What works best varies on your individual gun caliber/setup and loads. I suggest trying different springs to see what functions best in your gun with your load and what feels best for you. I do not recommend less than 10lb springs for major loads!

It is important to note that these recoil springs will only fit full-size frames. If you have a compact, modification is required to cut down the length of the spring. These will have labels stating they are for 9mm, but they work with all calibers.

Wolff 6lb Recoil Spring (all caliber: 120 - 140 power factor, light 9mm loads)
Wolff 8lb Recoil Spring (all caliber: 140 - 160 power factor, typical 9mm spring)
Wolff 10lb Recoil Spring (typical 9, 38, 40, 45 caliber major loads in 160 -180 power factor)
Wolff 12lb Recoil Spring (major loads 180 - 200 power factor, 40 S&W, 45 ACP)
Wolff 14lb Recoil Spring (45 ACP)
Wolff 16lb Recoil Spring (Heavy 45 ACP, 10mm )
Wolff 18lb Recoil Spring (Heavy 10mm)
Wolff 20lb Recoil Spring (Heavy 10mm)
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Recent Reviews Rating: Reviewed By: Bren Ten Review Date: 2/18/2020 Comments: I upgraded my 4.5-inch standard-length slide 10-mm Tanfoglio Witness's 14-lb recoil spring to the Wolff 16-lb Tanfoglio long-slide recoil spring. Total spring force with the Wolff long-slide 16-lb recoil spring matched with the Henning Group 2-mm brass ...
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